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 Greyhawk Timeline

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Greyhawk Timeline Empty
PostSubject: Greyhawk Timeline   Greyhawk Timeline EmptySat Jun 26, 2010 10:05 pm

Greyhawk Timeline:

584 CY: Sterich falls under attack from organized giants and humanoids from the Barrier Peaks to the west. Hochoch, the extreme eastern border of the Grand Duchy of Geoff, is taken by an organized wave of orcs and giants. Forces from the Ulek states, Gran March, and Keoland are roused to retake the "lost lands" of Sterich and Geoff. The Grand Duke of Geoff, Owen I, lives in exile in Gran March. Yeomanry is also invaded at this time by giants, but the militaristic democratic state repels the giant invaders. Yeomanry is left alone, but the state pledges support to Sterich and Geoff.
The Ulek states fall into war as humanoid armies from the Pomarj attack the states' eastern border. The fighting has not stopped even to the present year.

Patchwall, 585 CY: Slaver ships flying dreadful yellow sails are spotted as far north as the Nyr Dyv, the Lake of Unknown Depths, near Greyhawk. It has been five years since the slavers who flew those sails were believed to be defeated. Thoren Gareth, cleric of Pelor and of deposed nobility, assembles a team to investigate the sightings of these slaving vessels. During the investiagtion Ferrah Hunter, Magister Larrissa Hunter of Dyver's sister, is kidnapped by slavers after Ferrah's estate is attacked. Thoren Gareth pursues the slavers from Dyvers to Sevant's Cove, taking one ship and destroying another. By mid-586 the trail goes cold in the Woolly Bay. The slavers are known to operate from the Orcish Empire of the Pomarj, but assaulting the empire is daunting at best.

586 CY: An orc invasion of Celene is stopped cold. Even with the attack in elven lands, Queen Yolande remains neutral in all affaris outside of her state. Prince Melf, leader of the Knights of Luna, promises aid to the outside world through his order. Some speculate that this is the beginning of a possible revolution or coup within the elven kingdom of Celene.

Richfest 3rd, 586 CY: The Doomgrinder rises from its valley in the form of a massive stone behemoth rolling over everything in its way. Commanding it is Derro. The juggernaut is defeated by a group of adventurers led by Thoren Gareth. The scenario is hushed up by the Directing Oligarchy so not to alarm anyone; the Doomgrinder was stopped even before it exited the valley and was not near settled lands.

Reaping 9th, 586 CY: Ranger Knight Corhissa Laudey and her party stop shadowing a group of orcs, gnolls, ogres, and derro from Blackthorn out of the Gnarley Forest, only two days north of Crossford. On this day the ogre chieftain attacks the derro and the derro retreat to Skorane. This heralds a strange break in the alliance between Blackthorn and the derro. Blackthorn remains quiet for the next few months. However, it is believed that the derro have now allied themselves with the undead creatures of Skorane.

Reaping 26th, 586 CY: Information reaches the desk of Gynarch Elena of Hardby that her renegade sister was heading to Greyhawk for a meeting with Nerof Gasgal. Infuriated by the levels of treachery her estranged sister could commit, Elena sent two vessels from her marine force and the visiting Dyvers vessel, the Foamrunner, to intercept. The renegade ship was caught in a sea battle that left the Reliant damaged and the Foamrunner sunk after a lightning bolt crippled the vessel's hull. Commander Byron Krane and nearly all hands were lost in the battle.

Reaping 27th, 586 CY: The information found on the traitor’s caravel revealed documents relating to slave trading. Apparently, a few members of the City of Greyhawk’s Inner Circle were involved in extorting the populace of the Domain of Greyhawk in order to make a profit and those that refused were sold as slaves. Elena's sister, Aleeta, was not found on board.

Goodmonth 1st / 2nd 586 CY: In a night battle, taking place on the Plane of Shadow, the party of heroes led by Thoren Gareth defeat the Nightwing Fahaza in its attempt to turn the small village of Sevant’s Cove into a nesting place for his undead minions. The legions of undead were led by a Baklunish woman believed to be the daughter of the infamous Black Sorceress of Verbobonc. The Black Sorceress was responsible for the assault on Sevant’s Tower that left the place abandoned and allegedly haunted; however, it is believed that the Archmage Sevant killed her in the assault, although he disappeared long ago.

Goodmonth 5th, 586 CY: Information involving the attack on Aleeta’s vessel reaches the ear of Magister Larissa Hunter. Dyvers declares a state of emergency and demands that Nerof Gasgal admit to these charges and prepare to face judgment. The Directing Oligarchy fervently denies the charges, claiming that the Orcish Empire has set up the powerful city-state. Hardby vows to follow Dyvers in an attack against Greyhawk should it be necessary. This information, though secret between Hardby and Dyvers, is leaked to the Directing Oligarchy of Greyhawk.

Goodmonth 9th, 586 CY: An unknown assailant attacks Jallarzi Sallavarian’s tower in the City of Greyhawk. The Doombreakers, who had worked with Jallarzi on multiple occasions, rushed to her aid, and their path eventually took them into the abandoned Fortress of Unknown Depths, Tenser’s old abode.

Goodmonth 11th, 586 CY: In a spectacular battle in the swamps of Oerth’s smallest moon, Luna, the Doom-breakers battle a tortured Jallarzi and a fiend that was once the wizard tyrant Tuerny the Merciless. Tuerny is defeated; however, another old enemy, Iggwilv the witch queen of Perrenland, is freed from her abyssal prison and is believed to have returned to Oerth to be with her son, Iuz. It is believed that Iggwilv and Tuerny were planning to use the gate on Luna to Tenser’s fortress to open up an enormous portal to let Iggwilv’s demonic allies through the gate. The terrible army would have rushed through Greyhawk in only a few weeks. Jallarzi is freed and a clone of Tenser is brought back to his original state.

Goodmonth 15th, 586 CY: The official reinstatement of the Circle of Eight is announced. There are strange rumors regarding reasons why Tenser refused to rejoin. The current members of the Circle of Eight include Mordenkainen, Alhamazad the Wise (new), Bigby, Drawmij, Jallarzi Sallavarian, Nystul, Otto, Theodain Eriason (new), Warnes Starcoat (new). The Doom-breakers are also publicly announced to be the heroes of the day.

Harvester 19, 586 CY: In a stunning move of sedition, Commander Wilbrem Carister of the Greyhawk Marines defects with his entire company into the service of Hardby. Wilbrem explains that he will not work with any city that allows members within its government to commit acts of piracy and slavery. A detachment is sent to deal with the seditious captain, but the company was turned away at the mouth of the harbor; neither side wanted to risk a conflict that could boil into a war.

Harvester 21, 586 CY: The Doom-breakers arrive in the pirate cove of Pelgaryn. Greyhawk was invited to a formal diplomatic convention involving humanoids of the Wild Coast, a bandit tribe, and even the Orcish Empire. The convention is to take six days. Greyhawk Ambassador Khan Reese plans to force the city of Pelgaryn to ally with the Greyhawk or face the consequences. Pelgaryn stands on the brink of destruction as enemies move to attack from all sides.

Harvester 25, 586 CY: Pelgaryn sides with the Free City of Greyhawk in only four days. The Earth Dragon Priestess, Tear Vendris, is captured. Also Vel Ashandrin is apprehended by the Greyhawk Thieves Guild, and the Doom-breakers captured former Hardby Chief Justice Aleeta, Elena's renegade sister.

Brewfest 1, 586 CY: The Doombreakers arrive at a small cove just north of the orc city of Cantona. This is their first stab into the Orcish Empire. They uncover proof that the humanoids are working with a collection of Suel engineers to build an iron submersible. Apparently the weapon was to be used to raid shipping lanes in the Woolly Bay. The team barely stopped the Iron Cylinder. However, they were unable to prevent agents of the Orcish Empire from getting their hands on flintlocks, apparently part of an arms agreement with the Suel faction they were allied with. Also, the Doombreakers stopped a drow alienist, who turned out to be the sister of the drow woman spotted escaping Doomgrinder.

Patchwall 1, 586 CY: The Doombreakers head toward Crossford after Thoren has been given a vision that the city will fall under attack by a horde of undead.

Patchwall 3-5, 586 CY: The Doombreakers evacuate the city of Crossford and meet the foe within the city. The undead horde is defeated, along with its fiendish servants. Cunderhas, the vampire leading the attack, retreats back to Skorane. The Doombreakers pursue.

Patchwall 11, 586 CY: First strike into Skorane proves to be too much for the Doombreakers and they must pull back. The forces of Skorane have become too strong for a frontal assault.

Patchwall 12-15, 586 CY: The attack on Skorane continues. However, the Doombreakers and a ranger troop led by Corhissa Laudey take serious losses. Among the dead include the elven paladin Grifter Rines, the duergar bearlord Langden, the druid Diana Cross, and the shadowdancer Nightblade. Even with the losses, Skorane’s power is still broken. However, the vampire generals retreat and several of the more powerful undead retreat to the Plane of Shadow. In an attempt to destroy the Gold Idol of the Evilsent, the Doombreakers inadvertently open up a portal to Charnelhouse, Incabulos’s realm in the Gray Waste. The Doombreakers walk into the portal and disappear from Oerth for a time.

Patchwall 14th, 586 CY: After three long months the siege of Hochoch has ended. The giants and orcs were routed in a spectacular battle in which the south wall of Hochoch was exploded by a mining team. The mining team all lost their lives. Knight Captain Mohad Xeni led the cavalry charge into the city, personally defeating the Hill Giant Champion Gornak.

Patchwall 15th, 586 CY: Three mercenaries hired by Kelly Morgan in Hochoch, storm their way into the giant-held lands of Geoff to retrieve her brother and a family heirloom from a band of marauding orcs and humans. The mercenaries return with the heirloom and news of her brother’s death.

Patchwall 17th, 596 CY: A group of orcs led by an orc Ranger named Gongek, assault the elven stronghold of Lurtrell Lake. The stronghold is burned and sunk into the lake. There are few survivors and they scatter into the forest. The victorious orcs head east with eight elven children in tow.

Patchwall 19th, 586 CY: Mercenaries from Hochoch make a tactical move into the Oytwood to find allies and build fortifications for the assault against the giants. However, during their journey they come across a mangled elven patrol and begin pursuit against a group of orcs that slaughtered the elves and escaped with children.

Patchwall 20th, 586 CY: Mercenaries from Hochoch successfully intersect Gongek and his platoon. Gongek was killed and his platoon destroyed. The elven children he had taken from Lurtrell Lake are now in the hands of the mercenaries.

Patchwall 21st, 586 CY: Sergeant Oskar Balderk is killed during an ambush. A group of four renegade Feytouched attacked the party. After the Sarge’s death the Feytouched withdrew.

Patchwall 23rd, 586 CY: The adventurers from Hochoch make it to the elven city of Lynlai with the children in tow. The adventurers meet up with a wild elf and meet the leaders of Lynlai’s military force in an attack against three giants that found Lynlai’s location. Findell, Captain of Lynlai’s troops, works with the adventurers to slay the three giants. The giants are slain with only one elven archer lost. The victory was astounding.

Patchwall 24th, 586 CY: Adventurers from Hochoch leave Lynlai to the discovered rallying point for the orcs in Oytwood. They are planning to strike at the orcs and rescue many elven children and bring them back to Lynlai.

Ready’reat 2nd, 586 CY: Deep in the Oytwood, Commander Findell, commander of the elven troops in Lynlai is slain during a late night ambush of giants against the group of mercenaries.

Ready’reat 4th, 586 CY: A team of mercenaries and elves reach the Ogre caves at Kara’s Creek. This is the fortified position of Elfslayer. The team, consisting of Quentin Talonsperch of Yeomanry and Lieutenant Lowlyn of Lynlai, scout the fortifications and dig in for a siege.

Ready’reat 8th, 586 CY: The elves and their mercenary alllies force the orcs and ogres at Kara’s Creek to retreat from the stronghold. Elfslayer retreats after suffering catastrophic losses. In a peaceful meeting Elfslayer returns the children of the Oytwood and leaves.

Ready’reat 18th, 586 CY: Heroes return to Lynlai with the children. However, events led to the death of two heroes and the loss of three others. The team, now led by Arley, regroup and prepare to escort an elven ambassador, Kisa Glassblower, to Hochoch to work on an alliance.

Ready'reat 28th, 586 CY: The elven noble Kisa Glassblower of Lynlai arrives at the Fort Olvewater, a makeshift fort held by forces from Hochoch and commander Ghorenfore Keonogard, a noble and paladin of Pelor.

Ready'reat 29th, 586 CY: On the way from Fort Olvewater to Hochoch Ghorenfore and Lady Glassblower are ambushed by a group of undead led by one of Nerraune's Huecuvas. The assault is brutal, but Lady Glassblower survives. The group of heroes lose only one member, Fawn, a elven noble and daughter of a former elder from Luttrell Lake. It is unknown whether her family survived the attack on Lutrell Lake. Fort Olvewater receives powerful Suel allies and information is magically discovered that Lutrell Lake has become overrun with undead. It is decided that Lady Glassblower will be returned to Fort Olvewater and the force will regroup to decide what to do about Nerraune and his growing power.

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Greyhawk Timeline
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