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 Welcome to the Solo page

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Welcome to the Solo page Empty
PostSubject: Welcome to the Solo page   Welcome to the Solo page EmptyFri Apr 08, 2011 9:31 pm

Hey Comrades,

I plan to use this forum as a springboard for new characters that any player wants to bring into an already established game. With this forum the new character can be advanced while going through a few solo adventures. The player will be able to feel out the character's abilities and flush out the character's personality and levels of development that a higher level character should have.

Granted these adventures will be lower key than the monster adventures I have on the big campaigns, but they are meant to advance character development and background.

The working idea I have right now is to run 1 short adventure for every level a character will have above 1st. Experience points will be added as necessary to make for the difference. For example:

A 1st level adventure only gives a character 500Xp. Before I run the next adventure (planned as a 2nd level adventure) the character will earn another 500Xp (and appropriate gold piece value). It is assumed that these Xp and gold were earned on an adventure similar to the first adventure ran.

Please understand this option is entirely voluntary for all levels below 9th. However, I will require it if a player has to absolutely bring in a new character into a campaign set with an average of 10th or higher level characters.

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Welcome to the Solo page
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