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 Ravenloft: Order of the Torch: Torch Members

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PostSubject: Ravenloft: Order of the Torch: Torch Members   Ravenloft: Order of the Torch: Torch Members EmptyTue Aug 16, 2011 11:23 pm

These characters are the NPCs that the PCs will have the most interaction with. These are the other members of the Order of the Torch. I added three characters at the bottom that will no doubt be referenced by the other characters, but you may not see them again. One is dead, another's mind is cracked beyond even magical repair, and the other is missing and will soon make a reappearance.

Saint Talisheed "Stoutheart" Necromby (Halfling Paladin of Yondalla)
Stoutheart hails from the southern Kron Hills on Oerth. He entered Ravenloft on a misty day in Ravenloft while traveling with a dwarven cleric of St. Cuthbert. He believes that his transport into Ravenloft was through the influence of Yondalla. However, he has not been in a position to aid halfllings during his journeys here and he is uncertain whether Yondalla had a hand whisking him away into the Domains of Dread. He was prepared to lose hope while in the grip of the vampire Varrish. However, Stoutheart's defiant nature allowed him to keep his faith, even as the vampire stopped the paladin's heart, especially this was the only time he could sacrifice for a halfling community. Yondalla returned him to Ravenloft as a saint because of his long list of sacrifices for strangers and friends. Since that time Stoutheart has had his faith renewed and every new terror has been met with faithful opposition.

Duramas "Bear" Stonebreak (Dwarven Cleric of St. Cuthbert)
Bear hailed from the Free City of Greyhawk, a rare site in that human city. At a young age he took to the worship of The Cudgel over the dwarven pantheon. Bear also believes he was sent to Ravenloft by Cuthbert and his closest friend, Stoutheart, was the perfect companion to come along on his holy mission. Since Bear's immersion into Ravenloft, the dwarf has not been shy in spreading the word of Cuthbert through words, deeds, and a mace. He saved Latessa from lycanthropy by uttering the tenets of St. Cuthbert, at least that's how Latessa saw it, and he redeemed an assassin in the eyes of The Cudgel. That former assassin now wishes to become a bounty hunter for Cuthbert and unleash divine vengeance on his enemies, mainly the Brotherhood of the Sash. Bear attacked Varrish's compound with rabid ferocity to rescue Stoutheart from the vampire's grasp. Since their reunion they have been a force of reason and organized force against the horrors of the Domains of Dread.

Kendro Skito (Halfling Rogue)
This is the only halfling Stoutheart has known during his time in Ravenloft, and she's a thief. She met Stoutheart and Bear on the duo's entrance into the demiplane. She was accompanied by her prison pal Darius. The four traveled together and would become the backbone of the Order for a little while. Kendra's antics would eventually get her into trouble in Barovia while the team was hunting the Assassin's Three, items the Blessed wanted to retrieve. Kendra read from a cursed book and was slowly being transformed into an undead minion of the Abyssal Lord Arkailios. Stoutheart risked the bowels of Cavitius and probably would have spit in the face of Vecna himself to save Kendra from her plight. She was rescued and the two halflings have bonded. Kendra has left most of her thief trappings behind, but she does tend to take a little treasure off the top every now and then. Stoutheart seems to let that pass. At the moment, Kendra is inflicted with lycanthropy, courtesy of the Darklord Gregor Zolnick.

Danic (Human Fighter/Rogue)
Danic was a former assassin, captured by the Order when he attempted to assassinate one the leaders of Manifest. Danic was roped into the attempt because his sister was held prisoner by villains allied with the Yuan-ti. Unfortunately his sister's soul was destroyed by the Yuan-ti and Danic has vowed vengeance upon them. After being whisked off to Ravenloft again with the Order, he had time to learn about Cuthbert and his desire to grant retribution to the faithful. Danic was sold. He is now a stolid follow of St. Cuthbert and his faith is about to be tested by The Cudgel.

Latessa (Human Ranger)
Latessa was once a member of the Red Seven, but left her brother's group (Torenth is her brother) to join with Stoutheart after the team saved her from Varrish. The vampire had found his way into Manifest and is believed to be responsible for the soul receptacles used to capture souls and ghosts for some nefarious purpose. Stoutheart stormed Varrish's underground fortress and was able to retrieve Latessa, Varrish gave her up. It was then discovered that Varrish had inflicted her with lycanthropy through his magic. Bear stood with her reciting the tenets of St. Cuthbert while she was locked in a prison cell. She regained control through Bear's words and became a follower of St. Cuthbert and the lycanthropy was soon removed by other helpful priests of another deity. She has now been horribly stricken with lycanthropy again due to the Black Wolf (same darklord that struck Kendra). She wants nothing more than to be cured once again, but the knowledge of being cursed again has shattered her strength reserves. She leans on Bear heavily for spiritual guidance.

Faith (Half-Vistani Bard/Gypsy/Virtuoso)
Faith joined the team in Vorostokov, their first trip to that cursed land. She was part of a Vistani troop stalked by undead forces. Faith aided Stoutheart with the promise that she could leave her people. Being only half Vistani, she never really fit in and they let her know it, often. She helped save the party from the ghoul lord with the aid of Tori, the Order's sorcerer. Stoutheart welcomed her to the party. Since then she has been a faithful companion. She bonded with Torenth and then lost him when he was executed by the mad elven commander in the elven forest far from Manifest. The elven commander is now trapped in Ravenloft in his own isle of terror. Faith killed him within that place, but he only collapsed to dust and ash. He did not fall with the bleeding wound from his neck that she wanted. Her vengeance has yet to be sated. Her dagger fighting is unmatched in the party. Her beautiful and alluring appearance has deceived many stronger opponents who foolishly believed they could defeat her easily.

Numfar (Dead)
Numfar was a barbarian whose tribe was hired by enemies of Manifest linked with the Yuan-ti. Numfar was the lone survivor of a force that ambushed the Order. He surrender and found mercy amongst the Order. In order to free his people from the Yuan-ti, he joined forces with Stoutheart and Bear. He found religion with St. Cuthbert. In Ravenloft he perished in the battle against Varrish. Varrish cast a death spell as Numfar charged the vampire. Numfar's life was snuffed out, but he is far from forgotten. Faith composed "The Ballad of Numfar" in his honor. A ballad she sings whenever the team enters a great battle.

Tori (Insane)
Tori met Stoutheart, Bear, Kendra, and Darius when she arrived from Manifest into Ravenloft. A freak snowstorm brought her to Ravenloft where she was treated for hypothermia by Bear. She joined the team and became a powerful sorcerer. She saved the Order at the top of the Temple to Zhakata in G'henna. She connected the Talisman of Malistroi to the High Altar and learned the weakness of both Malistroi and Yagno Petrova, the Darklords of G'henna. She destroyed the altar, killing both opponents and banishing Malistroi's fiend army. However, the mist took her and the Order followed after her. They found her broken in the Mistlands whispering to herself in a language that made Stoutheart's skin crawl. She has remained broken and unresponsive. She is a lost soul without any hope of finding her way back. She saw something in the mist that no mortal should ever witness.

Darius (Missing)
Darius and Stoutheart were joint leaders of the Order for a time. Darius had connections to the Blessed and introduce the Order to them. Darius had a vengeance streak for the Brotherhood of the Sash. When the Order left Manifest and fell back into the Mists, Varrish separated the Order by luring Stoutheart into a trap to protect a shire of halflings and exposing Aiden Synhill to Darius's wrath. Darius was taken by the Mists at this point. He has not been since, but Aiden Synhill is still alive and kicking. Darius is known for one of his eyes being blood red without a pupil.

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Ravenloft: Order of the Torch: Torch Members
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