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 Elven Subraces

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Wood Elf (Sylvan Elf)
Wood Elves are a more primal offshoot of elf. It is important to note that all elven subraces detract from the original stock of elves, known in antiquity as the Elder Elves. Each subrace believes that they are closer to the original stock. Thankfully, they have all detracted from the original stock. The split began during an event called the Schism. The treachery of Lolth shattered the Elder Elven empires, throwing the elven race into chaos. When the dust cleared several subraces remained. The wood elves separated from the great cities and magic and went back into the forests. They also closed in spiritually. They can be ridiculed as being xenophobic; however, they believe they are attempting to preserve the true elven path. Their story is a warning to the arrogance of the "civilized" elven people.

Wood Elves are much more isolated than their cousins. They live deep in temperate forests, surrounded by nature and possibly monsters. They are cold and generally unfriendly to outsiders. They value strength and honor amongst their kind, but suspicion to other races. Only those that prove their worth earn a wood elf's respect. This can take years. They are uncomfortable in cities and in settings far from their forests.

Physical Description:
Wood Elves are darker skinned than the typical fair-skinned elf. They have deep tans. Their hair color ranges from yellow to copper. They tend to dress in browns and dark greens.

Wood Elves have poor relations with most other races. There is always suspicion in a meeting between wood elves and other peoples. However, an individual that has earned the respect and trust of a wood elf has an unfaltering friend. This can take, on average, five years.

Most Wood Elves are Neutral. This symbolizes a dramatic change in the viewpoints of other elves. Wood Elves simply do not care about anything that is not directly connected to Wood Elf society. Wood Elves are more connected with survival and preserving the elven way of life than high ideals and philosophies.

Wood Elven Lands:
Wood Elves do not really own lands, but they can usually be found in all large primordial forests. They defend the forests from being spoiled and exploited. Their "cities" tend to be large treetop villages.

Regardless of their detraction from normal elven values, wood elves still value and cherish the Seldarine Court. They worship all the deities within their pantheon (save Lolth and other drow deities). The Seldarine Court gives the wood elves the same respect and love as the other elven subraces (save the drow).

Wood Elves do not have many adventurer folk in their ranks. Sure they have warriors, sorcerers, and other professions, but going out beyond their lands and homes is a different matter entirely. Due to their natural suspicion and xenophobia, wood elves do not leave home often. One who does may be ostracized by the clan. Such a character, regardless of their open-mindedness, are initially awkward in settings outside of their home. It is not an easy path for them.

Wood Elf Racial Traits:
Same as the traits in the PHB including:
--+2 Strength, -2 Intelligence. Wood Elves value physical strength as a means to survival and have lost more of their civilized trappings.
--Favored Class: Ranger. This replaces wizard as a favored class.
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Elven Subraces
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