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 Character Sheet

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Character Sheet Empty
PostSubject: Character Sheet   Character Sheet EmptyThu Nov 12, 2009 1:36 pm

Hello, Players,
Here is the character sheet that we will be using for the moment. I believe that is thorough and close enough to what we used before. Just copy it and paste it into your post for your character and have fun. If you have any questions, just post a reply. Also, you can delete whatever parts do not apply to your character (such as spells or animal companions).

Character:______________________ Level:______ Class: ________ Alignment: ________________
Race:____________ Sub-race: __________Sex:_______ Hair Color:________ Eye Color: _______ Skin Color: ___________ Age:____ Height:____ Weight:____ Religion:__________
Place of Origin:_____________ Faction: _____________________________
Ability Score Modifier Temp. Score Temp. Modifier

Hit Points: _____ Current Hp: __________ Subdual Damage: __________
Normal AC: ____
Touch AC: (armor, shield, and natural bonuses do not apply here)
Flat-footed AC: (no Dex or dodge bonuses)

Speed: _________ Arcane Spell Failure: _____ Armor Check Penalty: ______
Initiative: ____ Base Attack Bonus: ________________
Leadership Score: (Cohort/Follower, could be two different scores
Leadership modifiers:

Fortitude: Total (Ability/Base/Misc)
Reflex: Total (Ability/Base/Misc)
Will: Total (Ability/Base/Misc)
Conditional Modifiers to saving throws: (includes racial traits and spells)

Melee Attacks: Total Attack Bonus ([Base Attack]/Ability/Size)
Ranged Attacks: Total Attack Bonuse ([Base Attack]/Ability)

WC: ________ Weight Allowance: ________ Load Size: ______ Lift over head: _________
Lift off ground: __________ Push or Drag: ________

Armor/Shield (AC bonus/Max Dex/Armor Check Penalty/Arcane Spell Failure/Wt./Sp. properties)

Weapon ([Attack Bonus]/Dam./Crit./Range/Wt./Type/Special Properties)

Experience Points:
______________ Next level:______________

cp: sp: gp: pp:

Art Objects:

(Here, you place all information for spells or powers including power points, max powers or spells known, and spellbooks. Remember each spellbook is out of 100 pages. There is one page used/spell level. Also Clerical domains should be noted here.)
Spell/Power Progression:
0/1st/2nd/3rd/4th/5th/6th/7th/8th/9th/(and beyond)

Epic Spells: (Someday)

Skills: (please but C for class skill and cc for each cross-class skill next to each skill name)
Max Ranks: class skill/cross-class skill

The skills can be entered as such
Skill Name (C or cc): Total score (Ability Score/Ranks/Synergy Bonus/Total misc. bonuses or penalties)
The misc. section includes bonuses from magical items, feats, racial bonuses, or penalties from racial traits or amor check penalties
You can also place totals for skills that you have no ranks in for reference. Do not forget to put a 0 in the rank section


For completion's sake add all feats due to class features such as the simple and martial weapon proficiencies given to a 1st level fighter. Also, put a "(B)" next to each feat that is given to you due to a class feature.

Epic Feats:

Class Abilites:
Add all abilities you have for each class here. Put as much info here as you can, including times/day and bonuses to the feature (such as smite attack bonus and damage of a smite evil abilitiy). Clerical Granted Powers go here.

Mundane Equipment:

Magical Equipment:
Give yourself as much information as you know about each item's function so you do not forget their powers. Also, add (unidentified) if you still want the item identified.

Racial Traits:
Any NEW Wink abilities you may gain would also be consider racial traits.

Familiar/Animal Companion/Bonded Mount Info:
You can set up this information similar to the above character sheet; just make a section titled
Familiar Abilities:
Bonded Mount Abilities
Animal Companion Abilities
for the abilites they gain as you increase in level. Not all of the abilities, only the ones that your current level allows.

Favorite summoned creatures can also be added here if you so desire. Name the creatures if you want.

You can also add wildshape stats and polymorphing stats here as well. It is preferred that they are added for easy reference.

What makes your character stand out. Just 3-5 sentences will do. Appearance could change as your character advances, so update this as you wish. Also, focus on traits that enhance the character's persona.

Unique characteristics that make the PC stand out. Is a PC easily angered or do they have a calm temperate? Do they tend to be rash? Greedy? Fears? Just flesh out the character in about 3-5 sentences.

Does not have to be a biography, just another 3-5 sentences. If ther is anything you want to keep secret from players (not DM) do not post here. Ask DM for any information about the setting to help make the PC an integral part of a living world.

Similar to background, but focuses on character's current and long term goals.
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Character Sheet
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