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 Ravenloft Timeline:

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Ravenloft Timeline:  Empty
PostSubject: Ravenloft Timeline:    Ravenloft Timeline:  EmptyFri Aug 12, 2011 10:21 pm

October 1, 750 BC: A humble anchorite of Ezra, Lacrease, has visions while tending the gardens; these disturbing visions entail the possible destruction and death of all the anchorites of Ezra hold dear. In Mordentshire, capital city of the Domain of Mordent, two people are brutally murdered, husband and wife, their daughter is kidnapped. High Anchorite Nortoth of Ezra dispatches a group of heroes, led by his youngest student Ariella, to find the kidnapped girl and bring her home.

October 2, 750 BC: A lost temple to Ezra is found a day north of Mordentshire. The temple has been desecrated by hoards of undead; however, the missing child, Stephanie, is found within its desecrated halls. Also, the traitorous body of a former cleric of Ezra, Kamber is found.

October 4, 750 BC: After the successful return of Stephanie to Ezra’s temple in Mordentshire, Nortoth gets word that a terrible item, the sacrificial dagger of Haldane, has gone missing. It had been kept in a secret location in Invidia by other members of the order.

October 8, 750 BC: A villain named Keldour was the creature responsible for stealing the dagger and was defeated by Ariella and her team. Also, a second former anchorite, Culdrick, was working with Keldour. Both were killed in the conflict and the dagger was retrieved.
Also of note is a plan hatched by Gabriella Aderre and her not-so-dead lover Matton: Ivan Sokoros is seduced by the darklord in an attempt for her to have a child of pure blood that could overthrow the reigning Dukkar, her other child.

October 11, 750 BC: Mordentshire is attacked and Noreen Sokoros is killed. She was the mother to Ivan Sokoros, a member of Ariella’s band. Ivan’s parents had been taking care of young Stephanie. However, after Noreen’s death, Stephanie has gone missing again along with Ivan’s father, Demitri.

October 13, 750 BC: The day after Ariella’s band returned to Mordentshire, the funeral for Noreen takes place. On this day, a half-elf, Tal Thornin, arrives and explains that he is the half-brother to Ivan and he knows where Demitri took Stephanie. The band heads out immediately after the funeral.

October 15, 750 BC: Demitri is tracked and saved by the band of heroes, before a man in black could kill him. The party arrives at Haywood mines to rest and prepare for an attack by an organization known as the Brotherhood of the Sash. This organization is hunting Stephanie and has sent a formidable army of undead to do battle with the heroes.

October 16, 750 BC: The Battle for Haywood Mines. In what could be called the most spectacular “last stand,” the heroes of Mordentshire led by Ariella defeat the army of undead leaving the commander of the army retreating in earnest. What was only believed to be a rag-tag team of do-gooders is now considered a serious threat to the Brotherhood.

October 18, 750 BC: The heroes return to Mordentshire triumphant, but instead are horrified at the aftermath of a massive assault of undead and mercenaries that stripped one third of the city of life and property. Also, the temple to Ezra was flattened, killing the anchorites inside. It would later be discovered that a wyvern was responsible for that attack.
Ariella and Nortoth decide it best to return young Stephanie to the lost temple, since the Brotherhood cannot seem to sense her there. As the heroes leave, they are attacked again personally by the Brotherhood. Aiden Synhill, a high ranking member of the Brotherhood, leaves the party helpless and incinerates the young Stephanie and he vanishes. At the conclusion of the confrontation, Ariella sacrifices her own life essence to save the child. Ariella survives, but she is terribly weakened and Stephanie is returned to life.
Also, High Anchorite Nortoth is captured by the same wyvern that attacked the temple and taken to Dolbyn. The heroes of Mordentshire launch an immediate rescue mission.

October 20, 750 BC: Nortoth is rescued. He was severely tortured in Dolbyn and returned to the lost temple of Ezra to recover from his ordeal. Nortoth will vanish again months later. Ariella is still trying to find him.

October 22, 750 BC: After returning to Mordentshire a new member of Ariella’s band, Darius, is arrested and charged with betraying Mordentshire. He is sentenced to death; however, Ariella’s struggle to prove his innocence has his sentenced reduced to five years and exile from Mordent.

April 16, 751 BC: After several more run-ins with the Brotherhood of the Sash, Ariella forms the Blessed a force of heroes that is used to strike at the enemies of Ezra and the Core.

March 22, 752 BC: Ivan Sokoros is given the command of the watch in Mordentshire. Worried that the job may strain the Blessed’s alliances, Ariella and Marragrin, have Nadril appointed to be Ivan’s second-in-command.

July 7, 753 BC: Due to her unswerving devotion and numerous sacrifices for the causes of Ezra and good, Ariella is granted sainthood. Such a gift has never been bestowed on any worshipper of Ezra or even any cleric in the Core. After this momentous occasion, conflicts with the Brotherhood nearly grind to a halt, due to the unexpected power the Blessed now possess.

October 1, 755 BC: Darius is released from prison and escorted to the city limits of Mordentshire. Marragrin meets up with Darius and gives him information regarding three powerful weapons that she would like retrieved. Darius heads out for Richemulot.

October 2, 755 BC: Darius meets up with his friend from prison, a halfling rogue named Kendra. During the evening, they meet up with a dwarven cleric of an unknown deity, St. Cuthbert, and a halfling claiming to be a paladin of another deity named Yondalla. Both of these strange folk thought they were heading to some place called Welkwood, but instead are now on their way to Richemulot to look for answers.

October 3, 755 BC: The band arrives in the capital city of the domain of Richemulot, Pont-a-Museau, and decide to take a quest to aid Lady Jacqueline Renier to recover three lost heirlooms.

October 5, 755 BC: Darius and the rest of his band arrive at the Arkailios Graveyard and stumble on to the tomb and domicile of the vampire Kamber. He does not possess the items, but he knows where they are and requests a boon before making good on the information. Kamber wants the return of his wife’s dead body to his tomb. The halfling paladin, Stoutheart, agrees to perform this act and the group makes plans to go to Mordentshire.

October 6, 755 BC: Marragrin, Linda, and a new recruit Aiden, overhear a conversation at the Dead Man’s Drink and discover that Fenton Tweed (High up in the Brotherhood) has returned to Mordentshire and wants three items (the Assassin’s three) to possibly assassinate Saint Ariella. The Blessed take steps to prevent the attempt by hiring Aiden as Saint Ariella’s personal bodyguard.

October 7, 755 BC: The party returns to Pont-a-Museau to get supplies. Darius and Stoutheart learn that Lieutenant Jacobs is a renegade against the people he works with. He agrees to help them, but is taken from his home afterward and killed. Stoutheart and Darius, not knowing his fate, break into the guard-post and retrieve Jacobs’s body as well as the rest of his family. They burst out of Pont-a-Museau with the aid of Tal Thornin, who apparently had Lieutenant Jacobs as a contact.

October 9, 755 BC: Heroes arrive in Mordentshire; Darius goes to the Lost Temple so he can’t be found in the city. The family of Lieutenant Jacobs is taking care off and Stoutheart plans to exhume Karen's body (the wife of Kamber). The body is recovered easily and the heroes also meet a Lady Emerald Skye in the graveyard. Stoutheart following his own instinct escorts her home, but instead of leaving the city as they had planned, he hangs around to see if any harm will come to her.

October 10, 755 BC: Stressed by his need to protect this woman, Stoutheart brings her to the attention of Saint Ariella, and it is discovered that Emerald is the older sister to Stephanie. Not long after, warnings reach Ariella’s ear that something is wrong in Mordentshire. Marragrin arrives to discover that Emerald’s jewelry shop has been burned to the ground, four bodies are found. Emerald is kept at the lost temple and Stoutheart leads his group again into the borders of Richemulot.

October 12, 755 BC: Stoutheart and the Bear arrive back at the graveyard of Kamber. Kamber, surprised at the success of the Halfling, gives Stoutheart the direction to pick up the Assassin’s Three in Barovia at Mount Ghakis.

October 14, 755 BC: Marragrin sends Nadril and Cian Silverleaf on a reconnaissance mission into the Falkovnian hamlet of Dolbyn. Apparently, information reached the gnome’s ears that the Brotherhood is meeting there. Fearing a trap, but unable to resist the ploy, Marragrin sends her friends off, hoping to hear back from them in ten days.

October 21, 755 BC: Stoutheart arrives at Mount Ghakis and begins the exploration of the dungeon caves.

October 23, 755 BC: Through battles against mindless giant vermin, construct guardians, and undead, Stoutheart and his team pull through and retrieve the Assassin’s Three. On this day they head back to Mordentshire at the behest of Darius.

October 24, 755 BC: No word from Nadril or Cian reaches Marragrin.

November 4, 755 BC: The heroes return to Mordentshire; however, Stoutheart refuses to give the weapons over to Marragrin. Instead a compromise is made for the two parties to meet the next day at the Temple to Ezra.

November 5, 755 BC: Stoutheart hands over the Assassin’s Three to St. Ariella. After which Stoutheart practically demands to join the Blessed in an attempt to discover more of this new land and a terrible enemy he believes means to do harm to either St. Ariella or Ezra. Marragrin admits to Ariella that she cannot locate either of her scouts and uncovers information that leads her believe at least one was taken to Lekar, Falkovnia.

November 11, 755 BC: Stoutheart and Darius lead a team into Lekar, Falkovnia, in a brazen attempt to rescue Cian Silverleaf from the hands of Vlad Drakov and Aiden Synhill. The rescue mission is a qualified success, and the heroes leave Falkovnia, presumably on their way back to Mordent. Of important note is that another cleric of St. Cuthbert, Katherine, and friend to Bear back in Greyhawk is murdered before the party's but she swears vengeance against Aiden Synhill, Vlad Drakov, and another nameless cloaked figure with lava-like eyes.

November 12, 755 BC: Stoutheart and his team arrive in the domain of Har’Akir after helping a gypsy band, who turned out to be Vistani.

November 15, 755 BC: The outsiders arrive at the ancient tomb of Har’Akir’s domain lord. The greater mummy Senmet, is defeated by Anhktepot. Senmet was attempting to win control over the domain and then depose of Anhketpot when he was powerful enough. Stoutheart and his team find their way into the Burning Peaks through the mists.

November 18, 755 BC: Stoutheart arrives in Tovag, domain of the twisted vampire Kas the Destroyer. Stoutheart meets up with a group from Oerth called the Red Seven. The two teams join up with the intention of discovering a cure to the curse that turns a victim into an undead servant of the fiend Arkailios. After defeating one of these poor creatures in combat, the outsiders head toward Cavitius to steal an unholy text, believed to be created by Arkailios himself, to prevent anymore of these spawns from being created. This would be the second text destroyed (the first was in Mount Ghakis).

December 2, 755 BC: Stoutheart and his team arrive at the doors of Vecna’s citadel, Cavitius. Here the team searches for the book and retrieves it from the Temple of Vecna. Upon their escape, the team is ferreted by the mists to Vorostokov.

December 3-6, 755 BC: The outsiders meet up with a Vistani troop. The troop is ravaged by the minions of a Ghoul Lord. Stoutheart tracks the Ghoul Lord with the help of Darius, and eventually they track the creature to its lair. In a desperate battle, Faith, a half-vistani, and Tori are the only two capable members of the hunting team that brings the Ghoul Lord down, everyone else was paralyzed by the creature’s touch. Also, Honnoarius betrayed the party after believing he was discovered.

December 9, 755 BC: Stoutheart returns to Mordentshire and the saint cures Kendra of the curse that was slowly turning her into an agent of Arkailios after Kendra’s carelessness in Mount Ghakis. Stoutheart claims that his team, which he has suffered with, will be known as the Order of the Torch.

January 2, 756 BC: Tal and Darius and two other members of the Order of the Torch head to Ifor’s Tower, in the domain of Mordent, apparently a tower owned by a wizard who has since disappeared. They were hunting down information about the capture of Nadril; however, they believed they were walking into a trap. The team battled through constructs, including a flesh golem made to look like Nadril. They also uncovered an elven hand that they assumed to be Nadril’s hand.

February 7, 756 BC: The Order of the Torch uncovers the murderous creature Sheriff Owen at a ball at the Blue Rose. The sheriff was convicted of several capital crimes and sentenced unlawfully by Marragrin (he is feebleminded). Other than these crimes, the Order uncovers a plot involving an abandoned mine underneath the old ruins of the original Temple of Ezra. Also, the team uncovers the terrible truth of a brothel in Dolbyn forces women to have sex by threatening their lives.

February 28, 756 BC: Before the Order of the Torch can deal with the threat to the slave women in Dolbyn, the team vanishes from Mordentshire and the rest of the core. For nearly a month they are in Manifest battling Yuan-ti who seem to have loose connections, oddly enough, with the Brotherhood of the Sash. A vampire, Varrish, is apparently a contact in the lands around Manifest for the Brotherhood. It is unknown how the two disparate parts of the Brotherhood communicate, if they do at all, through the Mists of Ravenloft. The Order also discovers an item the Yuan-ti developed that steals souls. The exact purpose is unknown, but it seems that the devices are being ferreted somewhere by Varrish.

March 14, 756 BC: The Order of the Torch returns to Ravenloft. However, they are deep in a new isle of terror given form by a mad elven ranger obsessed with hunting Yuan-ti. They are traveling with three individuals who were traveling with the Red Seven. Unfortunately, the veterans of the Red Seven were killed by the elven ranger. They are traveling with the bodies of their fallen comrades in the hopes of finding Mordentshire. However, the mad elven ranger is defeated and the mists separate the Red Seven, who return to Manifest, and the Order. Stoutheart is isolated from the Order and believed to be lost.

March 24, 756 BC: Stoutheart is captured, tortured, and killed by Varrish. After the halfling’s abduction, Bear takes over command of the Order of the Torch and launches a rescue/revenge mission for Stoutheart and against Varrish.

March 28, 756 BC: The Order of the Torch and the Blessed launch an attack on Varrish’s stronghold. After suffering heavy losses in the attack, Varrish and Allaster Haldane were obliterated. Near the end of the conflict, Stoutheart returned as a resurrected saint and helped destroy Varrish. The Brotherhood of the Sash is still reeling from this victory. Stoutheart, apparently resurrected, returns to the Order of the Torch to help strike at the Brotherhood of the Sash.

April 18, 756 BC: The Order of the Torch leaves Mordentshire, for Chateaufaux in Dementlieu to meet with a contact who will ferret them secretly into Dolbyn right on the Falkovnian border.

April 19, 756 BC: The Order of the Torch arrives in Dolbyn and hooks up with a resistance force at the Bleeding Dagger Inn and Tavern. They arrive a day before the festivities involved with Soldier’s Day.

April 20, 756 BC: The Order of the Torch assaults the Brothel of the Harem Lord. The Harem Lord is apparently connected to the Brotherhood and desires the overthorw of Vlad Drakov. They successfully rescue the female captives and put them into hiding. However, the attack on the Harem Lord is met with stiff opposition and puts the heroes on the run. Also, Lieutenant Sosovosky makes a bid to replace Tantoska as military governor under the orders of the Harem Lord.

April 21, 756 BC: The Order of the Torch escapes from Dolbyn after a second unsuccessful attempt to take out the Harem Lord. That night the mists roll in and take the Order away from Falkovnia. However, the Kaorti wizard Zitherack and his Darkon minions recapture the brothel captives as the Order is taken away. It is believed that the fiend Arkailios somehow gained control of the mists at this moment.

April 22, 756 BC: Losing an entire day the Order of the Torch is deposited in Vorostokov. With few supplies and a small rugged map the Order heads to the nearest village of Torgov to get their bearings and find a way out of Vorostokov.

April 23, 756 BC: Lieutenant Sosovosky gains control of Dolbyn and Captain Tantoska is killed publicly. The Harem Lord reopens his brothel and the Talons fall under his control. Sosovosky is never seen again. It is rumored that he walks the battlements of the fort in long black cloak, hunched and wailing.

April 25, 756 BC: The Order arrives in Torgov with the aid of a ranger named Mikhail Zolnik. Here Stoutheart agrees to help the village fight off the troops of the boyar Gregor Zolnik.

April 26, 756 BC: In the early morning hours, Gregor and his men attack Torgov. Although surprised, the Order fights back in a quick and decisive battle that puts Gregor on the run.

April 28, 756 BC: The Order agrees to accompany Mikhail to Kirinova to rally support against the boyar. Also in Kirinova is possibly a way to get out of Vorostokov.

May 2, 756 BC: A detachment of Talons from Lekar arrives in Dolbyn only to be driven out by a late-night ambush by “things that were anything but human.” The Harem Lord’s mansion appears to be growing great black spires from some strange new building material. “Growing” is the best way to describe the changes; no laborers have been found. Fewer and fewer Talon patrols are seen during the day. Struggles between warring factions of Talons are still occurring, though they are few.

May 5, 756 BC: The Order arrives in Kirinova with the mythical Black Wolf hot on their trail. Kirinova is in ruins but the characters successfully defeat the Black Wolf’s minions. After a thorough exploration of the village, the Order heads off in pursuit of the Gregor and his men. They battle deep in the forest in a brutal attack that still has Gregor, in his Black Wolf form, retreating from combat. The Gregor’s sisters of, Elena and Natalya, take the heroes to their cottage and enlist their aid to destroy Gregor.

May 6, 756 BC: The Order heads out to the village of Vorostokov and a final confrontation with Gregor. Gregor is killed permanently and Vorostokov is released from Ravenloft. The Order enters the Mistlands again, uncertain of their next destination. They are desperately trying to reach Mordentshire.

May 8, 756 BC: The Order arrives in G’henna after a cryptic meeting with a Vistani fortuneteller named Marda. Just as night falls they find a boarding house within the capital city of Zhukar. Uncertain of their fate, Stoutheart’s most important goal is to find a way out of G’henna.

May 10, 756 BC: After falling under the watchful eye of Yagno Petrovna’s Inquisition, the Order of the Torch joins forces with the Circle of Darkness, a cult looking to overthrow Yagno and his Inquisition and restore the true Zhakata in G’henna. The Order is charged with retrieving a powerful holy object, a talisman, from the Temple of Zhakata in the center of Zhukar. In return, the cultists have agreed to help the Order of the Torch leave G’henna so they can return to Mordent. The Order of the Torch successfully obtains the talisman and leaves the city late in the evening.

May 13, 756 BC: Rumors of open fighting in the streets of Stratengrad, Falkovnia, reach the borders of that domain. Apparently, the entire domain is spiraling into a civil war. Unfortunately, this also means that supplies of grain and other foodstuffs are being reduced to trickles out of Falkovnia. The prices of many foodstuffs start to rise, and spies attempt to gain information about the happenings in Falkovnia. Most of the spies never return, but those who do say that the Talons are fighting each other and something else. There are also rumors of strange creatures in the forest around the western border of Falkovnia.

May 21, 756 BC: The Order of the Torch arrives at the Mongrel Gather in the Outlands of G’henna. The place is a large camp of over 300 hundred mongrelfolk that have been cursed by Yagno Petrovna. Here the Order meets up with a contingent of cultists who plan to take the talisman to a place called the House of Bones where they believe the earthbound prison of Zhakata the Provider is hidden away. There they will release Zhakata and Yagno will fall. Stoutheart, suspicious of the cultists and sentimental to the mongrelfolk’s plight, decides to accompany them, keeping the talisman on his person.

May 28, 756 BC: Unable to wait patiently, Marragrin, Nadril, Linda, and Hector head toward Falkovnia to discover if the Order of the Torch met their end in that place. They sneak into Dolbyn, but spend very little time there. Marragrin begins to understand the extent of her enemy and learns of a new church of Ezra being erected in Falkovnia. Apparently, the church is looking to protect the people of this tortured land from Talons and their civil war.

June 3, 756 BC: The Order of the Torch arrives at the House of Bones in the southern wastes of G’henna. They are accompanied by six members of Circle of Darkness and twenty mongrelfolk. Redgur was the leader of the circle and one more notable character was Madar. Amongst the mongrelfolk were Wahrg, the gather’s champion, and Petchko, a mongrelfolk the Order rescued earlier in Zhukar. Unwittingly, this group awakens not Zhakata the Provider but the Nalfeshnee Malostroi. The Order of the Torch retreats from the ordeal, but one surviving cultist steals the talisman and disappears. Stoutheart orders the team back to Zhukar.

June 14, 756BC: The Order of the Torch, retreating from the House of Bones, meet up with a contingent of troops of G’henna led by Captain Kimli and Lieutenant Petrick, members of the Sword of Zhakata. Clerics of Zhakata attempt to arrest the Order; however, Stoutheart offers his aid to the wounded soldiers within Kimli’s company. Kimli agrees. The clerics are furious. That night the camp is attacked by a squad of fiends that outnumber the soldiers three to one. Stoutheart leads the order in a counteroffensive against the fiends. Surprisingly, few soldiers perish in the battle, and the fiends were annihilated. Stoutheart agrees to help Kimli evacuate a town east of the tundra named Keshka before heading to Zhukar.

June 26, 756 BC: The Order of the Torch reaches Keskha and finds the village destroyed by the fiends. Also, a collection of fiends awaits them in the city. The fiends are defeated and the Order heads north following a trail that may be escapees from the town.

July 1, 756 BC: The Order of the Torch meets up with the refugees from Keskha near another small hamlet. Here the fiends are just beginning their assault. The heroes are able to save some of the citizenry and fight off the fiends. The Order parts with the soldiers and heads to Zhukar the following day.

July 6, 756 BC: The Order of the Torch arrives in Zhukar and finds Rega, who stole the talisman back at the House of Bones. They retrieve the Talisman as fiends sent by Malistroi drop the insane cleric. After securing the Talisman, the heroes reach the top of the Temple of Zhakata and meet Yagno. Yagno asks for their aid in bringing the remaining people in Zhukar to the temple. Stoutheart agrees and he prepares for the task as Malistroi and his army is only about 6 hours from the city. In a desperate struggle at the High Altar of the Temple of Zhakata, the Order of the Torch fights against Malistroi and his minions alongside the Darklord Yagno Petrovna. In the midst of combat, Tori, a member of the order, takes Malistroi’s Talisman and merges it with the high altar. The merge gives her the ability of the Darklord and she senses the connection that Malistroi and Yagno have to the High Altar. Tori destroys the High Altar, killing Yagno and Malistroi. Malistroi’s army also vanishes in a cloud of gray mist. G’henna is freed and is placed on Oerth. However, the mists claim Tori and Stoutheart and the remainder of the Order follows after Tori and stay in the Domains of Dread rather than going home.

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Ravenloft Timeline:  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ravenloft Timeline:    Ravenloft Timeline:  EmptyFri Aug 12, 2011 10:33 pm

Here is the timeline so far. It may be a little jumpy in spots, but it's okay. This is more a rough outline so players, not necessarily characters, have an idea of what has happened so far.

It actually meant to jog Val and Condie's memories a bit more than anyone else's.

I did make one correction to keep continuity and limit confusion. The Brotherhood of the Sash had a different name when Val was running the game, but I changed it to the Brotherhood to reduce confusion in the coming campaign. They will always be known as the Brotherhood of the Sash, the other name is nonexistent now.

I kept the Roman months of the year for Ravenloft just to keep track of time (I personally think it fits somehow). Each month, however, will have 28 days exactly with four weeks in each month. Yes, the days of the month follow the exact lunar cycle of 28 days. The seasons mirror are own, although some domains may actually have different seasons than what you would typically expect given the month.

Also BC means Barovian Calender. Barovia was the first domain in Ravenloft and, allegedly, the first year Ravenloft even existed (this may be challenged in the campaign).

When the main campaign starts it will begin on July 7th right out the gate. However, this is not to be confused with the Manifest adventure which happens before this date on Oerth (which has a different calender).

Enjoy, more updates on the way.
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Ravenloft Timeline:
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