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 Ravenloft: Order of the Torch: The Villains

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Ravenloft: Order of the Torch: The Villains Empty
PostSubject: Ravenloft: Order of the Torch: The Villains   Ravenloft: Order of the Torch: The Villains EmptySun Aug 21, 2011 10:36 am

Here is information about the known villains to date. This should wrap up the introductions, so the character sheet topic should come up soon. Also, I will throw a small thread out about Manifest and my changes to the Ghostwalk campaign. My most immediate goal is to get the Manifest thread "Blood, Souls, and Pain" up and running since that will be the lead into Ravenloft for most of the players.

The Headmaster (Yasbeau Haldane)
The Headmaster is the leader of the Brotherhood of the Sash. This brotherhood is signified by the black sashes they wear around their waist. This signifies their allegiance to the Headmaster and his lord, Lord Arkailios, Lord of the Malformed and the Aberrant. How the Brotherhood rose to power is unknown, but Nortoth believes it is somehow connected to the lands around Manifest. There is conjecture that Yasbeau came from lands around Manifest, but this is not confirmed. In the early years of the Blessed, he did not hide the fact that he wanted Stephanie. When he could not, he had Aiden Synhill murder the young girl. It was only recently that they discovered Stephanie was still alive. Yasbeau is also a lich now. He walked into Il Aluk, now Necropolis, and walked out as a lich. Death has been too weak to gain control of its city due to the actions of heroes when Azalin first blew up the city five years ago. Because of this Yasbeau was uncontested when he took this easy way of becoming a lich. On top of that he has the powers of a terrifying psion at his disposal. When he changed to his undead state, he dropped his family name and became The Headmaster. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Aiden Synhill
Aiden is The Headmaster's second. He is responsible for moving the Brotherhood's troops around the Domain. Beyond that little is known about the man, he origins or his goals. He delights in murder and torture and has little patience for those who continue to get in his way. Aiden Synhill, however, has earned the ire of Saint Cuthbert when he convince Vlad Drakov to kill Katherine, a cleric of St. Cuthbert, by impaling her on a wooden stake during Vlad's dinner. Katherine cursed Aiden and it appears Bear may be the instrument of that curse.

Fenton Tweed
Fenton is a Halfling Assassin. He is cold, calculating and only gets involved in a fight when the enemy is outmatched and unprepared for him. He nearly killed Stoutheart and Faith in the tunnels below Dolbyn until the Harem Lord intervened. Fenton is the Brotherhood's go-to-halfling when they need someone removed and do not have the resources to send brute force with Aiden. It is rumored that Fenton has founded a small guild of Halfling assassins to add in his work.

The Harem Lord
This Falkovnian's true name is not known, he is only known as the Harem Lord. The Blessed first believed this man was only a crime boss in Dolbyn running a slave/prostitution ring for the Talons of Falkovnia. The Order, however, discovered that The Harem Lord was in league with the Brotherhood and had powerful monsters on his side. In Dolbyn his plan was clear, he means to overthrow and eliminate Vlad Drakov, the Darkord of Falkovnia.

The vampire Kamber is an enigmatic figure. He helped Stoutheart locate the Assassin's Three when the halfling returned the body of his dead wife. That was the agreement and then both parted ways. Unfortunately, Kamber's meek undead existence may still be disturbed as his connection with the Brotherhood and Arkailios is obvious. Kamber was part of the events that led to the discovery of Stephanie by the Blessed. He was left for dead, but his true vampire nature was never known at the time.

Varrish (Dead)
Another vampire employed by the Brotherhood, was first confronted in Manifest. He was in league with a contingent of Yuan-ti who were using devices, soul receptacles, to capture ghost and the souls of living people for nefarious, unknown purposes. He captured Lastessa and first inflicted her with lycanthropy. He was finally defeated in his lair, a small fortress along the rocky shores north of Mordent, by the joint effort of the Blessed and the Order. He was using the fortress as a place to store receptacles he planned on using personally to gain enough power to become a god. His control of the Mists was uncanny and not understood. No one has control of the Mists except the Dark Powers and perhaps the Vistani.

Alaster Haldane (Dead)
Alaster, brother to The Headmaster, was a cleric of Arkailios. He failed to capture Stephanie at the Battle of Haywood Mines and was considered a coward by The Headmaster for not going in and killing the Blessed. He was assigned with the duty of extracting information from Nadril when he was captured. But he failed at that as well. He was killed with Varrish at Varrish's compound.

The Cloaked Thing with the Red Eyes
Seen by Bear and other members of the Torch when they rescue Cian from the Talons. This entity was as tall as a human, cloaked in a long black cloak. It had blood red orbs for eyes that lit up the darkness like searchlights, bathing everything in a blood red color. The creature has a desire for raw bloody meat, but its connection with Vlad Drakov and Aiden Synhill are unknown.

Lord Arkailios
This name as been spoken a lot by the Brotherhood and information is scarce. Apparently, Lord Arikailios is an Abyssal Lord, a unique tanar'ri of unimaginable power. Somehow it seems the beast is in Ravenloft. The Brotherhood follows it, but very few others know of the creature's existence. It is known that Lord Arkailios is known as the Lord of the Malformed and the Aberrant, whatever that means. He has been depicted in visions as a great winged fiend with a lamprey-like mouth lined with great venomous fangs. Apparently there is also some terrible story that this creature seduced or raped Ezra somehow. The seduction or rape may be more psychological in nature, and it may be easier to say that Ezra was somehow fooled by this creature. The most recent disturbing incident involving Arkailios is that somehow the fiend was able to control the Mists and whisked away the Order of the Torch to Vorostokov before they could do anything to save the slave girls that had been taken from Dolbyn. If Arkailios has learned to control the Mists, he could match the Dark Powers in strength.

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Ravenloft: Order of the Torch: The Villains
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